Bridal accessories for your wedding

Your wedding day is the time to show off beautiful bridal accessories. Bridal accessories complete the picture. A veil or tiara is part of the dress; it gives the dress its own identity. Jewelry such as a necklace, bracelet or earrings make the bride shine. By wearing beautiful jewelry, the guests not only look at the dress, but also at the bride herself. Bridal accessories for the hair are just as important. Whether you have long or short hair, barrettes or hair combs won't leave a bride with her hands in her hair.

Other bridal accessories for the bride

In addition to the standard bridal accessories, there are also useful and traditional things, such as a garter and wedding handkerchiefs. Wearing a garter is a much used old tradition at a wedding. The groom removes the garter from the bride's leg and then throws it at the bachelor men. Nowadays there are often 2 straps in a set, a garter for the bride and a garter to throw at the wedding. There is a wide choice in material, color and decoration. So there is bound to be a very nice garter that you want to wear around your leg. Bridal handkerchiefs are not a luxury for the emotional moments. You can choose to use plain white paper tissues, but it is much more fun to use a tissue with an appropriate print, such as a wedding couple. You can ask the master of ceremonies to carry your belongings, it is also possible to wear a small bag in the style of your dress. Today, bags are increasingly used as bridal accessories.